Sizzling Taste
Service: Social Media
Type: Campaign


Live Taste

1- Increase engagement rate on social platform

2- Increase leads for restaurant

3- Raise local awareness for brand in UAE.

4- Increase website Traffic from social

5- Increase VIP registration


The Strategy

Our strategy for building engagement and awareness across multiple social media channels has involved a process of community management, social advertising, influencer engagement (and outreach), engagement activities (e.g. competitions) and detailed measurement to raise UAE customers’ awareness about the brand. Applebess already had a presence on Facebook and Twitter, Instagram so decided to re-engage this audience with a competitions. Using a combination of branded content, designed by our creative team, with user-generated content, combined with attentive community management – always consistent with the Applebees tone of voice – we have created a highly engaged community across our target channels. By measuring over thirty individual metrics, we have continuously improved and refined our processes to deliver on-going growth and success for Applebess


Result Circles

Engagement rate on social media increased

Leads for restaurant increased

VIP registration increased

Awareness though-out UAE increased



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