Chocolate Mountain
Service: Social Media
Type: Campaign


1- Zero brand (started from the scratch)

2- Raise local awareness for brand in UAE

3- Increase engagement rate on social platform

4- Increase leads for Shop


The Strategy

Our marketing strategy for RMCF was to tap into the love that millions of people across the UAE love chocolate, We started by exploring the simple preferences of Chocolate and moods campaign. These simple posts drove huge amounts of engagement (one attracted over 300 comments) and helped us to understand our audience. During the first 6 months and with just a small tactical advertising budget we grew RMCF social presence to over 2500 fans across all channels. Crucially, though, we were reaching 20,000 people each month and driving upwards of 2,000 engagements.


Result Circles

Engagement rate on social platform increased

Leads for the shop increased

Raised awareness about the shop inside UAE



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